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The Dark Times

The Dark Times [100 Editions] - Parradiso Terrestre, BonelliLab/BonelliArte Contemporanea, Italy, 2008/09.

The Dark Times has been described as a 'famous non-publication'. It began life in January 2007, as somewhat of a personal joke, and then grew a life of its own. Since then the DT 'newspapers', paintings, installations and performances have been shown, published and collected internationally. At it's heart lies  a series of hundreds  of overpainted/collaged (mostly free London) newspaper covers. For a detailed discussion of the project in 2012 see La Bouche Zine.

“Paul Sakoilsky has made performances and paintings as hybridised ‘autopsies’ of media images, in visceral terms, that act upon the daylight utopias of consumerism and media ideology. His on-going project the dark times is a newspaper in the potlatch spirit, described in the terms of Jean Baudrillard’s concept of hegemony, as an ultimate debasement of value.“  Peter Lewis, 2011

The Dark Times Car Crash - 3 day durational performance/ installation, at artcargobay, Lüften Festival, Frankfurt 2012.


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