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VIdeo & Film



 ‘Dine’ (Kunst Clown Performance), Vienna, Commissioned video for ‘Circus Folk’, Band of Holy Joy,

 Hermann Nitsch 161st action, ‘the-6-day play’, 2nd version, Schloss Prinzendorf, Austria.

Shot Pint RIot, Studio1.1, London


160th action, ‘the-6-day play’, 2nd version, Schloss Prinzendorf, Austria.
Obituary for Hermann Nitsch (1938-2022), Art Monthly no 457, June 2022
& Video Elegy (poem), video shot by Vanessa Fristedt


Group &
Performance Agnostic Voodoo action painting, Art Car Boot Fair, London


Group B-Part, Atelier Montez, Rome link

2020 Album Dov’ ‘e Pasolini? Paul Sakoilsky & Matt Ducasse (aka Matty SkyLab), Bandcamp link



2018 Dual &
Curation ‘Pure Has Nothing to do With Clean’ [link] Paul Sakoilsky & Cedric Christie, Angus-Hughes  Gallery, London

[Incl. curated text based works in response to the title: Oliver Abraham, Jamiu Agboke, Dr Eliot Albers, Kirsty Allison, Maria Arceo | Karen Ay | Jonathan Barrie | Joe Broughton | Deborah Curtis | Adam Dix |  Alice Herrick | Richard Holley | Charlotte Hopkins Hall | Tom Hunter | Laura Hynd | Maria Graff | Dick Jewell | Thomas Langley | Claire Lawrie | Lee Maelzer | Lance Martins | Sophie Parkin | Martha Parsey | Benedict Philpott | Paul Renner & Paul Sakoilsky | Pascal Rousson | Joseph Sakoilsky | Amy Stephens | Geraldine Swayne | Finn Thompson | Gavin Turk | Sean §Worrall]

Solo ‘Kakocracy (The Dark Times)’, Mustafa Hulusi Posters, London. link

Dual ‘This is the Gate of Heaven’, Gallery 46 London - Paul Renner & Paul Sakoilsky [link 

(incl. a curated ‘manifesto room’ with Hilde Absalon/Conrad Bayer, The Armchair Mountaineering Club, Atlas Press, Bar Orlando, William S. Burroughs, Lorenzo Brivio, Günter Brus, Captain Beefheart, Joe Coleman & je + ill, Deborah Curtis, Adam Dant, Ina Fesching, Friederike Feldmann, Vanessa Fristedt, Fritz Grohs, Peter Lederer, Michel Leiris, Medlar Lucan/Durian Gray, Alexander Moosbrugger, Hermann Nitsch, Atlas Press, Dr. Bruno & Siglinde Renner, Arnulf Rainer, Luna De Rosa, Dieter Roth, Martin Sexton, Joseph Sakoilsky, Daniel Spoerri, Christian Thanhäuser, Gavin Turk, Ingrid Wiender, Oswald Wiener.]

2016        Performance Painting Practise 2, Kunst Clown series. Cabaret Futura, Art Car Boot Fair, London.

2016 Solo London (Exhibition), Arts Omega, London.

2015 Dual My Family & Other Animals,, Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London.
Performance Napoli (Word/Sound Improvisation) with Geraldine Swayne [Faust], Joseph Sakoilsky,
            Vout-O-Renee’s, London.


2013 Dual Local Landscape (2 man exhibition), Portman Gallery, London


Group &
Performance Nuance Outcasts, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London

Group &
Performance Kunst-Clown: Reading-Action, Fete Worse Than Death (20th Anniversary), Shoreditch, London, film document by Alex Snelling/Slack Alice Films (Factual Nonsense archive, Tate Britain).

2013 Solo Love; Herrick Gallery, London

2011 Perfoamnce Homage to Robert Filiou - Transpose Head for Stone [Done Three Times]; Red Gallery,                       London

2009 Perfoamnce Kunst Clown (performance); F-ish Gallery, Hastings

2008 Solo The Dark Times (exhibition); Carter Presents, London

2008 Solo The Dark Times (exhibition); Jürgen Wolfstedter Galerie, Frankfurt

2007 Solo Welcome To The Post-Psychedelic Baroque (solo exhib) with I Hate Fucking Clowns Liget Galeria,               Budapest

2007 Dual Dark Times (2 man exhib w Derek Ogbourne), with Clowning Area 53 (action/installation);
              Area 53, Vienna

2006 Solo Nevermind: Framebox (installation); Area 53 Galerie, Vienna

2006     Mother Hysteria #1 (performance); Szlimpa-Kert, Budapest

2006 Limit/Limit-Thought [Lecture Action With Helium & Laughing Gas]; Galerie Wildwechsel ;3rd International Performance Festival, Frankfurt

2005 Cry#1 (performance); Platform Raum Für Kunst (now Galerie Dana Charkasi), Vienna

2005 Idiot At Work (72 hour durational installation/performance, with evening performances with Thomas Draschan of Konrad Bayer’s Idiot); Platform Raum Für Kunst, Vienna

2005 Laugh/Cry#2 (performance/video screening & reading); [li:mes]: Festival Of Performance & Experimental Music, Lund, Sweden



 2014    Bath Spa University, Corsham Hall

2013 Portman Gallery, London

2012 Fondazione Morra, Naples

2010-12  Artist in Residence, Red Gallery, London

2008 Artist in Residence, Climate 4 Change, The Mercedes Benz Dealership

2007 Artist in Residence, Climate of Change, ASC Studios, Union St, London



 2009 May Day: The Editor’s Choice#1

              (curation /publication project) ACE/Lottery Funded

1998      Idiot, London Arts Board

1997      Hermann Nitsch (Critical Dialogues) Interview with Nitsch morning after ‘the 6-day-play’ link

               ACE/International Initiatives

1995/96  London Arts Board - Curatorial Development grant, Interdisciplinary Practise, 30 Underwood                      Street Gallery.


British Council, Tate Britain & in internationally in private collections


Selected Performances

2015 Napoli (Word/Sound Improvisation) with Geraldine Swayne [Faust], Joseph Sakoilsky,
              Vout-O-Renee’s, London.

2014 Kunst-Clown: Discourse on Method≠3, at Nuance Outcasts,  Angus-Hughes Gallery, London.

2013 Sakoilsky’s Portrait Society (live portraits); East Festival;      Queen Elizabeth Park, London

2013 Sakoilsky’s Portrait Society (live portraits); Art Carboot Fair;  Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane,

2013 Love (poetry reading); Cabaret Futura, The Paradise,  Willesden Green, London

2012 Dark Times News Stand: Art Does Not Exist (reading of Art  Does Not Exist, Micro Lecture on                      Aesthetics); On  the Road, The Hymer Interior mobile project space, Cul de Sac Gallery, London

2012 Dark Times: Car Crash (durational performance/installation); Art Cargo Bay, Lüften Festival
              organised by Künstlerhaus  Mousonturm, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt

2012 Performance &

Group Kunst-Clown [Trade Off]; Screen from Barcelona, Loop Fair,  Espacio de Proyectos Sant Pere, Barcelona

2012    Napoli (poetry reading); Cabaret Futura,
            The Paradise, Willesden Green, London

2011    Cry#5; Cabaret Futura, The Paradise,
            Willesden Green, London

2011 Kunst-Clown [Discourse On Method#1]; Cabaret Futura, New Territories Fest, Arches Theatre,

2011 Kunst-Clown [Discourse On Method#2];
            Superhybrid!; The Cube, Leeds

2011 Kunst-Clown: Just Deserts & Napoli (poetry reading); Speculum Celestiale: The Dialectics Of
              The Natural,

              E-M Arts/  Foundazione Morra, Naples

2011 Kunst-Clown Action: Poor-traits; Art Car Boutique,
              Apple Cart Festival, Victoria Park

2011 The Dark Times News Stand: Poor-traits; Fete for the Wicked, Hackney Wicked Festival

2011 Kunst-Clown Action (video works & Kunst Clown action); Barmy Park, Bethnal Green Library

2011 Cry#6; Samon Takahashi’s Le Choix Du Titre Est Un Faux Probleme, CNEAI, Paris

2011 Kunst-Clown: Painting Practise;
              East Pop Red; Red Gallery, London

2011 Dark Times Portrait Session; Redaktion, Red Gallery, London

2010 Azazel The Cherub Tall Vs Paul Sakoilsky; Scapegoat Society Show;
              Yinki Shonibare Proj. Sp., London

2010 The Dark Times: Newscast [read by Kunsty the Clown]
              & The Schlock Kunstlers’ Stall;

              Art Car Boot Fair, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

2010 Cry#4; Felicities, Red Gallery, London

2009 The Dark Times: Press Office#5 [Tipi] (installation/performance); The House Of Fairy Tales;

              The Long Weekend, Tate Modern, London

2009 The Dark Times: News Stand#2; Art Car Boot Fair, London

2009 The Dark Times: Reading(Action) with The Dark Times Trio; Britain’s Rubbish, Decima Gallery,

2009 Mother Hysteria #2: Dialogue with the Dead (curated by Five Years); James Taylor
              Project Gallery, London

2009    The Dark Times: Stall#3; Art Car Boutique/
            The Dock, London Design Festival

2009    Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market; The House Of Fairy Tales;
        Tate Modern, London

2007 I Hate Fucking Clowns; Angel of Dog;
              Mezkalito Gallery, Bethnal Green

2007 Kunst Clown Quiz (performance); Art Carboot Fair;
              Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

2006 Piece of Work (tattoo action);The Sun In Uranus;
              Las Vegas Tattoo Co, Hackney, London

2005 Bingo-Poetry#2 (performance/language machine);
              Vanity Fair, Clerkenwell Literary Festival

2000 Leant Against the Railings (aka Postmen, music/perf); Hackney Arts Club, Hackney Empire

1999 Sheep Shearing Performance; with 30 Underwood St Gallery, The Articultural Show;
              South Bank Centre

1997 Idiot (video/live action event); ICA, London

1996 Coccochloris; Transmutations,
              International Performance Festival, Brighton

1996 Bullshit Corner (30 Underwood St Gallery); Live Stock Market (curated by Gavin Turk), FN Day;
              Shoreditch, London

1996 NerveCell for Bank TV; Viper, Dog Gallery,
              34 Underwood St, London; ICA, London

1996     No/On (performance); with 30 Underwood St Gallery,
            The Big Breakfast, Channel 4

1995 Idiot (video install/perf), overall concept by Sakoilsky;

              Violent Language; 30 Underwood Street Gallery

1994 Living/Room (performance), Bedsit To Loft,

              Metropolitan Workshops, London

1994 Bingo Poetry#1 (poetry/lang. machine/perf, w 30 Underwood St Gallery); Fete Worse Than
              Death 2, Factual Nonsense

Selected Curation

2011 The Big Society: DDR Kunst Aus Schwedt, with Ernesto Leal, Dimitri Hegemon (Tresor),
              Red Gallery

2011 East Pop Red, with Alice Herrick; Red Gallery, London

2010 Object-Culture: Art As Viral-Commodity; Red Gallery, London

2010 East End Promise: A Story Of Cultural Migrants 1985-2000, Ernesto Leal;
              Londonewcastle Proj. Sp.

2010 Press; with Red Gallery, London

2009 May Day: The Dark Times [Editor’s Choice#1];
              F-Ish Gallery, Hastings.

2008 Climate 4 Change, The Old Mercedes Dealership, London

2007 Climate of Change, Union St, London

2006 The Sun In Uranus (as Offspace Projects); The Las Vegas Tattoo Co, Hackney, London

1995-2001 Curator Live/Interdisciplinary Art,
              30 Underwood St Gallery, London

1998 Hermann Nitsch: Orgies Mysteries Theatre;
              30 Underwood St Gallery, London

1992-3  Have a Baby: Readings Etc, Arts Theatre Club, Soho

1992 Readings Etc, Troy Club, London

Selected Group
Exhibitions & Auctions


Silent Movies - Q-Park, Freeze Week, London. [g]

  The Fall of the Rebel Angels, curated
              by Vanya Balogh Venice Bienelle. [g]

2015      Club Banger 1, UpDown Gallery, Ramsgate, UK.

2015      Sunday in The Park with Ed, Display Gallery, London.

2014      Nuance Outcasts, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London.

2014      BIG DEAL Marvellous Mix-Ups,
              Loud & Western, Fulham, London.

2014     We Could Not Agree, Freeze Week Exhibition,
              Q-Park, Cavendish Sq, London.

2014 Fete Worse Than Death (20th Anniversary Exhibition & Fete), Red Gallery, Shoredtich.

2014 Kultuuur 4, Brighton

2014 Vroom (organised by Vanya Balough), Brixton, London

2014 Chinese Open (organised by Vanya Balough & Cedric Christie), Chinatown, London

2014 Le Gun & Friends, Daniel Blau, London

2014 Vitis Vinifera (organised by Vanya Balough &
              Cedric Christie), London

2013 The Venice Process, (curated by Mike Watson)
              Five Years, Regent Studios, London

2013 Big Deal (organised by Vanya Balough & Cedric Christie),
              Q Park, Frieze Week, London

2013 Chinese Open (organised by Vanya Balough &
              Cedric Christie), Chinatown, London

2012 The Party Show, The Last Tuesday Society/
              Viktor Wynd Fine Art

2012 On The Road, The Hymer Interior, Cul de Sac Gallery, London

2012 Plate, Herrick Gallery, London

2012 Disorient Express London – Prague, The Czech Open,
              Czech Cultural Season, Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London; Islington Business Design Centre;   
              Czech Centre, Prague

2012 Home Office of the Fan Fiction Empire,
              Residence Gallery, London

2011 The Art Party, Mol’s Place, London

2011 Drei Zähne, Apt Draschan, Vienna

2011 Pop Hits (organized by Manfred Peckl for Autocentre), Atelierhaus Monbijoupark, Berlin & touring

2011 East Pop West, West London

2011 East Pop Red, Red Gallery, London

2011 Glitterbug, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London

2010 Object-Culture: Art As Viral-Commodity, Red Gallery, London

2010 Press, Red Gallery, London

2010 Televised,The Hare Pub, Cambridge Heath Rd, London

2010 Miniscule, Oblong Gallery, London

2010 Sold Out, Elastic Residence, Parfett St, London

2010 The House Of Fairy Tales: Exquisite Trove, Newlyn Art Gallery; Port Elliot Literary Fest;   
              Millennium Gallery, St. Ives

2010 Felicities, Red Gallery, London

2010 The House Of Fairy Tales, The Art Of Giving;
              Saatchi Gallery, London

2010 East End Promise: A Story Of Cultural Migrants
              1985-2000, Red Gallery, London

2010 Total Transparency, No:Id Gallery, Commercial Road, London

2009/10 The House Of Fairy Tales: Exquisite Trove,
              The New Art Gallery, Walsall

2009 May Day - The Dark Times [Editor’s Choice#1],
              F-ish Gallery, Hastings

2009 Psychopomp, Artwars Project Space, Redchurch St London

2009 Free Association (curated by Five Years),
              Area 53 Galerie, Vienna

2009 House of Fairy Tales, The Long Weekend,
              Tate Modern, London

2009 V22 Sculpture Show: Oysters Ain’t, V22 Gallery,
              The Biscuit Factory, London

2009 Meltdown, Flowers East Gallery, London

2009 Reg Perfect & The Squeegees, Portman Gallery, London

2009 Print Matters, Chauvel Cinema, Sydney, Australia

2009 Big Deal No.2, Druid Street, London; Big Deal:
              Botoxed 69, C22 Pop Up Shop, Camden

2009 Britain’s Rubbish, Decima International Projects, Berlin

2009 Barfs, Draschan, Torff, Sakoilsky,
              Galerie Wildwechsel, Frankfurt

2009 The Dissolving Cube, Portman Gallery, London

2009 Paper Rules; Apt. Draschan, Vienna

2009 The Horn Of Plenty, The House Of Fairy Tales,
              Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London

2008/9   Paradiso Terrestre, Bonellilab,
              Bonelliarte Contemporanea, Italy

2008 Climate 4 Change, The Mercedes Benz Dealership, London

2008 New Dark Age, Hats Plus, King’s Cross, London

2008 Land-Island-Dreamland, Area 53, Vienna;
              European Month of Photography & Vienna Art Week

2008 The Art Car Boot Fair, London

2007 Angel of Dog, Mezkalito Gallery, Bethnal Green, London

2007 Künstler auf Landpartie 2, org. by AREA 53 Galerie &
              Thomas Krösbacher, Niederösterreich

2007 Documenta Bootleg, curated by Marc Spiegler, Kassel

2007 Peer Esteem, Five Years, Regent Studios

2007 Climate of Change, ASC Studios, Union St, London

2006 The Sun In Uranus, The Las Vegas Tattoo Co,
              Hackney, London

2006 Carter Presents, curated by Carter Presents;
            Apt. Draschen, Vienna

2006 Ich Sehe Land, Waldviertel Viertelfestival,
              Niederösterriech, Austria

2005 Pencil; Carter Presents, London

2005 Prussian Blue [Synthetic Seduction]; Carter Presents, London

Selected Publications
& Recordings

2015 Dark Times: Radio (reading and interview),
        The News Agents, Resonance 104FM

2015 If Our Cards Were On The Table (poem and image), International Times

2014 Further – for my father (poem), International Times

2013 Contemporaneous People Flux (poem), International Times.

2012 Today (Summation) Monday 19 March 2012 (poem),
              Bare Bones Newspaper, London

2012 A New Years Natter with Paul Sakoilsky from ‘London’s only true independent newspaper’ – the                 dark times (interview);
              La Bouche Zine, London

2011 Napoli (poem); Speculum Celestiale: Dialettiche del Naturale cat.;
              E-M Arts/Foundazione Morra, Naples

2010 Breaking Out Of The Reality Asylum: Hermann Nitsch And
              The Orgies Mysteries Theatre; Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill/Maniliart Art Fair

2010 3 Randomly Chosen Objects From The Studio (essay); published by HYPERLINK             

2010 Object-Culture: Art As Viral-Commodity: A Dialogue Between Paul Sakoilsky & Mike Watson
              (pamphlet to accompany the Exhibition Object-Culture); OurHistory

2009 It’s Christmas Time (poem); HYPERLINK “

2009 Manntitz – An Anglo-Austrian Tale In 6 Parts HYPERLINK                    

2009 The Dark Times: Newspaper#1 (edited by Paul Sakoilsky);
              pub with F-Ish Gallery, funded by ACE

2009 Are We Living In The Dark Times: Or Is It Just The Persistent Culture Of Apocalypse? (dialogue
              with Mike Watson, also pub. in The Dark Times: Newspaper#1)

2009 Featured in HN: Hermann Nitsch (documentary); Verdeoro, Roma & Pierino Ambrosoli
              Foundation, Zürich

2008 Musings On Optograms, the Ideal Death, the Ideal Work Of Art, and the Museum Of Optography
            The Encyclopaedia Of Optography, ed. Derek Ogbourne, Muswell Press

2008 the dark times: Press Office (photographs);

2007 Lost Flight (flicker movie); Seconds, Issue 6

2007 No-Body-Poem (poem); The Political Almanac,
              Reunion Projects, London

2007 Some Scattered/Hungover Notes From/On Vienna;
              Seconds Issue#3

2007 Nobody Escapes, Nobody’s An Artist: And/Or Nobody’s An Artist And Nobody Escapes
              (essay/dialogue); Somebody (poem); Welcome To The Post-Psychedelic Baroque;

              Seconds Issue#4

2007 Some Thoughts On The Travelling Artist, Tourism and Mayo Yonesho’s Film ‘Wiener Wuast’;
              Seconds Issue No.6

2006 Mother Hysteria Action, Budapest 2005; Ich Sehe Land (cat.), Sensationsverlag, Austria

2006 The 2-Day Play 2004; Idiot &The Making Of Idiot 1995 (stills); Collect Journal

2006 Feature/Interview On Sakoilsky & Mother Hysteria performance; Balkon, No. 2006

2006 Cry, Mindcontrolradio, Textwork#5, Epsilonia Radio Festival, Paris (and various international

2005 Laugh/Cry2 (at Limes: Performance & Experimental Music); Heterogenesis 52/53, Arte Con
              Carne 4/Arte Performático Sueco Svensk Performancekonst, Sweden, December

2005 Poetico-Philosophical Lines Written At Prinzendorf Castle:
              At  The End You Always Have Being (6-Day Play Interview With Hermann Nitsch, 1998);
              It Does Go Crazy: Paul Sakoilsky & Thomas Draschan In Conversation (2004);The Living And          The Dead (poem); Cry#1 (photos); Heterogenesis Magazine, Arte Con Carne, No. 50/51, Lund

2005 Hermann Nitsch & The 2 Day-Play [120th Aktion]; Crudelia Magazine, No. 20, Bibliotek, Rome

2005 Mindcontrolradio (40 min radio show, w Samon Takahashi); Radiodays, Art Radio Festival,

2004 The School Of Being: Hermann Nitsch & Paul Sakoilsky In Conversation; Resonance 104.4 FM

2002 The PostMen: Lay Down On Your Side And Dream Another
              You Into Existence, UnderwoodAudio CD2

2002 Organiser & project curator Underwoodaudio CD2
              (4 CD book set)

2000 Painting As De-Smutification: Mark Jones & Paul Sakoilsky
              In Conversation, UnderwoodAudio CD

1999 Breaking out of the Reality Asylum, 6 Day Play - Hermann Nitsch interviewed by Paul Sakoilsky;
            Torture Garden:
            Body Probe; Creation Books

1999 Becoming-Dog-Becoming-Human-Becoming (essay); Everything Magazine, Issue 3.2, London

1998 Co-edited Hermann Nitsch: Orgies Mysteries Theatre (catalogue), 30 Underwood St Gallery

1997 4 Acronyms; Untitled 1 & 2; (poems); The Ditch, London

1996 Pull To Ear: Tatsumi Orimoto (catalogue essay),
              30 Underwood St Gallery

1996 Love Poem; Artists Aim At Austerity; And So... ;
              Absea Magazine, Issue E, London

1992 4 Minutes For George Barker: Memoir for the First Anniversary, organized by PEN; PEN Archive

1991-92  4 Poems; Rialto Magazine, 3 Issues

1987 And So.. (edition of 119 handset A5 card-poems);

              published by Paul Conran, London

























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